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Matt Eastman is a director living in Toronto. He’s been everywhere from Singapore to Santiago, directing pop stars in Shanghai, coffee klatch in Kiev, and skateboarding skunks in Jakarta. Matt obsessively travels the globe looking for that perfect early 80s electro record or killer breakbeat, and is fond of visiting his parents in the hippie haven of Maynooth Ontario, where, in the summer, he obsessively hunts for new and undiscovered swimming holes.

Matt recently directed ‘Ming’s Dynasty’, a comedy about two big-city rappers saddled with running a small town Chinese restaurant in the sticks. The duo must defeat pesky tapeworms, shroom demons, and Drake-inspired super-villains in order to keep their dreams — and the business — alive for one more day. The show just dropped on FuseTV in the States.

Up next, stay tuned for the grand finale of the CBC show ‘For the Record’, which revolves around a pregnant drug dealer at a music festival in Miami.

Currently, as a full grown-ass man, he is finally learning how to skateboard, and feels no ways about that fact.